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Although the dog we received (in 2005-6) has been a wonderful addition to our family, there was clearly an issue with the kennel and Crystal.We picked our dog up personally.

It was obvious that Crystal was under the influence. She had few teeth and was drinking beer at around noon when we arrived. We insisted on seeing the kennels which were at that time clean and kept. There was no way we were going to leave a dog with her so we quickly got our Newf and left.

We did receive papers as well as a vet check up but were concerned for the kennel going forward. There was no question that something was going on there.

I'm not surprised to hear that things have gone hugely downhill.

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Rama Jama Kennels, crystal nelson selling sick dogs

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I am trying to get the word out so maybe something will eventually be done and hopefully protect another buyer from heartbeak.

I purchased a st bernard from crystal in november of 09.she arrived underweight, severe ear mites and totally unsocialized or possibly abused not sure which one as she still is scared to death of men.

She arrived with no paperwork. no akc papers no health certificate which is illegal to not have during transport to this day still have no papers. 45 days after she arrived she started having seizures. I was told I could send her back at my expense and she would replace her with another dog that I would have to pay to have shipped back so you can add 1,000 on top of the already 1300.00 I had already paid for her.

By this time I was attached enough and would not send her back to whatever life she must of had before. She since had developed skin problems and requires 2 different meds now. Crystal finally agreed to refund 400 back to me which I never recieved. I have every email corresponence from day one until now to back this up also.If you search you will find I am not the only one and some stories are much worse.

This person shows and breeds akc st's , newfoundlands and bernese mountain dogs.

buyers beware.If you purchased a sick or diseased dog from this person s kennel please contact me jparker at slic dot com.

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I purchased the most awesome Newfie from RamaJama Kennels.This sweet boy was born in 2002 and just died at the age of 11.

I am shocked when I read these negative things about Krystal. I never met her personally, but feel so blessed to have had this awesome dog for 11 yrs.

Sometimes things happen to people and I have to believe that she still loves these dogs as much now as she did in 2002.Sue


We also had some issues. I was most of all upset by her adding title to her pedagrees.

I got a male Bernese Mt Dog from her.

Shy butt biter...Had to be put down.


We just purchased a Landseer/Newfoundland puppy from Crystal and Paul *** about a month ago.His feet were stained form being in wet kennels, bot other than that, he looked good.

He did arrive with a supply of unevenly broken up antibiotics that my vet told me were for coccidia, but he tested negative for the bacterial. She said that no vet would be chopping up a large pill into "4th' because you can't guarantee even doses, which means this breaded is self-medicating her animals. Nonetheless, so far, our puppy seems relativey healthy. Our chief complaint, is that Crystal still has not provided his AKC registration information, nor has she returned any of our phone calls, or emails attempting to get the information.

We have contacted the AKC and they have informed us that they have no record that she has even register the litter! We paid $1950 for FULL registration for this puppy!

Please know that Crystal and Paul *** AKA Rama Jama Kennels are not reputable!We have a signed contract and are probably going to have to ake them to court and spend another grand or 2 to beth them to fulfill it!


Oh and she doesn't use Rama Jama Kennel name any longer, she is using the name Paul & Crystal *** only.


I purchased a saint from Crystal but after catching her in several lies, I called her on it and she now states that she didn't like my tone and is no longer sending the dog and was suppose to call today with the confirmation number from the post office where she was returning my check. Well I have emailed and called still haven't heard anything, will keep this page up to date. Going this weekend to Indiana from North Carolina to hand pick my Saint from a different breeder.


We have bought 3 saints from crystal and have had issues with all three.The first 2 were brother and sister and the male had to have his hip replaced at 2 years old.

My female has just been put down from bone cancer. She has had issues with her legs since very young. Our new male already has been diagnosed with hip displaysia and he is only 9 months old. I at first just assumed we have had bad luck of the draw but after reading other comments I don't think so.

I am way to attached with my saints even after the first day so return is not an option. He is scared of his own shadow at times .

Thanks all of you for opening my eyes.Has the humane society been contacted???


My experience with Rama Jama kennel and Crystal has been nothing but excellent . We recieved a healthy male puppy , in clean conditions and he has been a blessing to us since day one !! He is an awesome Saint and I will continue to recommend Crystal to all .


A side note in response to a comment made in regards to "AKC backing" this breeder.

AKC does not back ANY breeder. They are a Registration organization. There is no membership in AKC, so people claiming to be members of AKC are pretty much lying.

This is what is on Cyrstal's home page, verbatim:

"Experienced breeder of 20 years. Showing and breeding quality AKC registered Newfoundlands and St.bernards. Showing and Breeding to the AKC written breed standards exclusively, with emphisis on temperment, health, and soundness. AKC puppies available to loving pet and show homes. Impressive pedigrees to match their looks. Our puppies recieve two sets of vaccinations, are dewormed, and are vet/cardiac checked twice prior to leaving. Written contract provided with health and hip guarantee. "

Um, she is "exclusively" breeding and showing to the AKC written standards? Really?

With emphasis on temperament, health and soundness? Again, really??? In Newfoundlands, the health screenings that should be done on any dog or *** PRIOR to breeding, include: hips, elbows, patellas, thyroid, cystinuria, heart (by a board certified cardiologist and typically done by echocardiogram), and eyes (CERF). Puppies should be wormed, vaccinated, and screened by a board certified cardiologist BEFORE leaving for their new homes and all health checks, certifications, vaccination records, and AKC papers should accompany the puppies. Temperament is the HALLMARK of the Newfoundland breed! If a Newf has a bad temperament, it should not be bred. If a Newf is producing bad temperaments in their offspring, it should not be bred!

And as someone else mentioned: if a breeder is too busy or has overwhelming issues which prevents them from doing things properly, they should not be breeding!

My advice would be to contact the national breed club and ask for references. Also contact the national breed rescue and the regional club rescue for the breed you are interested in - you may learn much more through these avenues. It is not uncommon to see dogs from back-yard=breeders and puppy mills come through rescue.


In 2004, I got a Newfoundland puppy from Crystal. She came down with DJD in both her elbows at 6 months of age. Crystal did replace her, however when the replacement puppy arrived, she was emaciated, had a fungus on the tip of her tail and feet, and had massive ear infections. When I called Crystal, she became rude and snapped that the puppy was not in that condition when she put her on the plane and then hung up. Crystal would never return calls or emails after that. The first Newf is still with us. She has DJD in both elbows, bilateral hip dysplasia, and has always had temperament issues. The replacement puppy was born without acetaculums in both hips, had sever hip dysplasia, djd in elbows, chronic ear infections her entire life, skin and food allergies from day 1, was not socialized when we got her (nor was the first puppy), and died of severe dilated cardiomylopathy. And yes, Crystal continued to breed the sire and dam of this puppy. Both of these puppies were riddled with health issues from day one. Crystal told me that she would stop breeding the sire and dam of the first puppy - she never did and bred them over and over and over!

She also breeds Saint Bernards, Bernese Mountain dogs, and possibly another breed. As far as Starlightsaints comment on how Crystal is "highly thought of in the show world," I would really like to know who these people are who think so highly of Crystal. Please share this information with rest of us.

Crystal has always had various excuses given to puppy buyers; floods, fires, sicknesses, etc. as justification for the condition of her dogs, but also why she does not respond, provide papers, do health testing, etc.

Rescue??? What a joke! Is that what she is calling all the dogs she had on her property? I have been to her house, seen her kennels, and she indicated she owned each and every one of the dogs there. What rescue organizations is she affiliated with? Where did she obtain these "rescues" from? It's pretty easy to tell people you are doing "rescue" in an attempt to cover up for the numerous dogs - doesn't make it fact.

I see Crystal is going to a lot of breeders out of the country - usually, this is due to them not knowing her and the fact that no reputable breeder in the USA will sell puppies to her nor will they breed with her.

I also have a friend who had gotten a Newf and a Saint from her - both were riddled with problems, bad temperaments, and were not socialized. The Saint had to be put down due to cancer. The Newf is still alive, but has orthopedic issues and a terrible temperament - thankfully, the owner is much more responsible than Crystal and had this Newf neutered and not allowed to reproduce.


I thought I would also mention that my girl loves people, everyone, and has never shown any signs of being "poorly socialised" as a pup. Crystal sent me a ton of pics of her playing with her grandchildren, so I know she had seen other people, and you could tell by the way she was when we first opened the crate and she came wandering out wagging her tail, and she does the same to everyone she meets. She is a little lover!


Hi everyone, I am proud to say that I am the happy owner of a beautiful, healthy, fabulous pup from Rama Jama Kennels.I was concerned after reading the negative comments about Crystal and her kennel online, but I know that you can't always believe everything that you read, so I asked her about it.

She was not offended by the question and was more than happy to respond in great detail regarding the complaints, and I am sorry everyone, but I think she made some excellent points, so I decided to give it a chance.

I have my girl, who came to me happy and in perfect condition, is as healthy as can be, and I also have her papers and it was very easy to get them.Please dont believe everything you read, if you want a great saint bernard by all means, talk to Crystal, she is very friendly, she definately cares a great deal about her dogs, and my baby girl speaks for herself, she is just wonderful and I wouldnt trade her for the world.


Since I posted negative comments on this site, i thought it would be appropriate to follow up on with an update. I have all the papers that I need and I can once again comunicate with Crystal. Sounds like she has had a rough time recovering from the chemo treatments, but that she is doing much better and has gotten rid of all the rescue dogs she was taking care of, so that should make a huge difference in the day to day care of her dogs.

I sincerely hope that all you other "PC's" out there are able to get everything resolved with Crystal.

Erode, Tamil Nadu, India #229278

I am from Pa the home of puppymills, when my husband said I could purchase another Saint I reseached and reseached the net to find what I thought was a good breeder.I could have brought a Saint in my own area for 200- but choose to try and get the healthest one I could and spent over 1200- with shipping.

Moose is the love of my life! But he arrived dirty,with an ear infection - that to this day keeps coming back - and very afraid of people. My Vet just shook his head. When Moose was about 1 1/2 he got very ill and now has Addison disease.

His meds are very expensive but at least we still have him to enjoy. I also never received papers for him or return calls, but since I was not breeding him it wasn't important to me.

I am only writting this because I think it would only be right to warn other people that there is a big problem with Rama Jama Kennels.Her dogs are beautiful but nothing more than a glorified puppy mill.


Although I have not had to experience the heartache many of you have had to endure by purchasing a Rama Jama pup, I still feel the need to express my opinion on this matter and let you know that you all have my support.First I would like to say, shame on you Adrian of Starlight Saints for defending Crystal!

Cynthia has always spoke very highly of you and considered you one of her good friends. After what you have wrote, I recommended to her that she seriously reconsider her friendship with you. Yes, the vet did say her beautiful Cowboy suffered from valley fever and that is what caused his seizures. That diagnosis only came after the Reilys spent THOUSANDS of dollars on testing and nothing showed up so for lack of any other explanation hence that diagnosis.

Cowboy came from champion bloodlines with "no health problems" so why in the world would they expect it to be a hereditary problem? It was not until I discussed with Cynthia all of these complaints and health concerns re: Crystals dogs plus the fact that one of Cowboys offspring (which Cynthia & Ron kept as their own) died at a young age from a seizure disorder did we put 2 & 2 together and decide it must have been genetics. I don't expect you to understand the heartache of losing a beloved 4 legged family member since dog breeding is also only a business for you too. If Crystal is too busy of a lady to handle things properly then she should not be breeding/selling puppies.

She wasn't too busy to take these peoples money now was she?? I can see why you are so prompt to defend Crystal as you are in it for the money too...you mention in your post that she has bought puppies from you. It's pretty much a no-brainer that you would agree with her as she has provided you with financial gains as well. As far as I am concerned, Starlight Saints & Rama Jama are nothing more than puppy mills with fancy names and AKC backing.

Another person that I know also paid top dollar for a Rama Jama pup only to watch him develop severe skin issues. She had to fight tooth and nail to get any of her money back. From what I have read here, she was very fortunate to get reimbursed anything. Several years ago I had the opportunity to visit Crystals kennel and was appauled at how many dogs/pups were there (saints & newfies).

Some of the dogs jumped at the fence barking non-stop and appeared to long for nothing more than human attention. I didn't take the time to count how many she had but know there were way too many, all of which were locked up in pens. Unsanitary pens! Needless to say, I left without purchasing from her.

If only her website painted the true picture of this. Yes, I must admit she does have some beautiful dogs on there and they all appear well taken care of. The fact that she states on her website her pups are healthy and well socialized before going to their new homes only proves that she is a LIAR. It is not humanly possible that her dogs/pups are properly socialized considering the numbers she has.

A good friend of mine also had the opportunity to visit her kennel and shares many of the same feelings I have. The only difference in her situation is that when she wanted to enter one of the pup pens with 14 week old puppies she was told by Crystal to move slowly as they weren't used to people! Seriously??? To claim the pups are properly socialized is nothing less than misleading.

I would bet many of her animals have never seen the inside of a house let alone learned the love that comes from human touch. Crystal may be highly thought of in the show world, that I agree is probably true but I believe she has achieved that status at the expense of the many dogs that she overbreeds to pay for that ranking only to achieve 1 or 2 pups out of all of those that are capable of obtaining an AKC championship title. What about all the pups that don't measure up to her standards??? What happens to those poor babies???

I am not in any way saying she doesn't love any of her dogs, she does have her "favorite" champions. I am a firm believer that all dogs deserve the best from their human companions and nothing less for their loyalty and unconditional love they offer us.

My intentions for posting this is to warn potential puppy buyers. After disappearing from the world wide web for about 6 months, Crystal is back up and running..Buyers beware...there are numerous complaints out there not to mention the F rating her kennel now has with the Better Business Bureau. Please be careful when doing your research for your next family member to avoid the heartache and expense others have had to endure from purchasing from these "big name" kennels!

Consider all the health concerns that are popping up out there due to overbreeding of these lines (in fact, there has even been news programs dedicated to getting the word out about this). Yes there are hundreds of people that have gotten healthy pups from Crystal. When it comes down to it though, are you willing to take that chance and end up with heartache??? Also be aware of the fact that yes, Crystal may have a 5 star rating on her puppyfind ads but know that she is able to delete any negative comments that are made on there..

By posting this, I am in no way trying to belittle them for my gain. Yes, I have also sold and raised puppies. I have had Saints in my life for 15 years and in that time have raised only 4 litters of pups. Here's the difference between them and me...I am not in it for the money.

My dogs live with me in my house and are treated like my kids. I am not active in the AKC show world but do enjoy showing off my dogs at local fair dog shows. My pups were all raised inside my home with constant human interaction from the moment they are born until they leave for their new homes.This is imperative to giving them the best start possible for socialization purposes. They were also taken on frequent outings, weekly visits to a local nursing home as well as introduced to other dogs and cats.

I do not believe that the only way a dog is worthy of breeding is to obtain a championship title in the show ring. What I do believe in is only breeding a dog that best matches the AKC standard for that breed with the highest emphasis being placed on temperament and health with continuous human socialization. The joy and smiles my dogs/pups bring to others is priceless. As far as you, Crystal, I am sorry if this offends you.

Perhaps it will help you take a step back and re-evaluate what you are doing to these poor defenseless animals and hopefully you will come to terms with the fact that you cannot properly care for that many dogs.Reestablish the love you once had for this truly amazing breed because right now you are not doing any of them justice.


I also purchased a male St.Bernard from Crystal.

I met with her to pick up my puppy in Norfolk, NE in 2004. He was in wonderful condition at the time of pickup. I was told there was no hip displacia in this line of breeding and she had never had a case before. At the age of two Moa developed a severe case which I was told had to be from the breeder.

I loved my dog very much and he ended up having to be put down.The breeder never responded to my emails about this or returned any calls.


In Cynthia's case her dog had Valley Fever, from which is from mold spores in the ground.Crystal had NOTHING to do with why herd dog had seziures.

Yes, Crystal is slow with papers, but she is a very busy lady. She has had a lot of family issues going around also, which is why she has not been responding lately. I am friends with Crystal.

Crystal is highly thought of in the show world, and has VERY nice quality dogs.I have gotten several dogs from her and have had NO issues, and I have sold her dogs as well.


Yes she got me to!I went to her farm and was appalled to see her set up.

It was awful. She had at least 80 to 100 dogs and the condition of them was awful. Well, I ended up buying two very sweet dogs. One male is very nice but never recieved papers for him and she will not answer my calls or emails.

The female I got is absolutely terrified of any individual that come close to her.I feel very bad for her dogs!!

Erode, Tamil Nadu, India #186341

Hi, Yes she got me also.The first puppy I received started having grand mall seizures, had to be put down.

She finally agreed to give me another. After I had to pay shipping. So makes me have about $2500.00 in this puppy which is beautiful bet to this day, she is withdrawn and likes nobody and hates men. And yes NO PAPERS!

I am still trying to get papers and can't.

I got the car wreck and the house flooding excuse for no paperwork.Somebody has to stop her!


I also received a Saint Bernard.I did my research before buying to I was told her dogs were the best of the breed.What I received for 1600.00 was an extremely shy, urine caked on her fur at time of arrival to the airport.

Took her to a vet she had a high fever and a bladder infection right off the plane supposed show dog that I spent alot for was an expensive house pet.Yes I paid more for the showing rights.I never received my akc paperwork until after I went the better business bureau she gave me an excuse which I know to this day is not true about having cancer and could not send the papers for over a year.Its still a business and anyone deserves the right to buy what they paid good money for! Her contract states the dogs are in good health and will come with akc papers on airline crate.

I think she use to care about this breed when she had a smaller business and now she is just in it for the money.Making a 100,000 a year off dog breeding throws up a red flag to me now.Im sorry for all of your dogs.Now I will only buy from a breeder I have personally gone to see my pup, met the parents, etc.


Jackie, you have my number and email. We were lied to as well and now our baby is sick AGAIN 7/30/10 with GI infection. This has to stop.





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